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Fast track your business
Online Enrollments

When your ready to enroll a client or prospect, all the necessary data you've gathered in the CRM will populate the enrollment application at SunFire. All you need to do is pick the plan and get a signature!

Plan Comparison

With a few clicks you can see how a clients drugs and pharmacies are priced on any plan in their service area. Every year you can re-run the comparison, no need to reenter drugs or pharmacies.

World Class CRM

We strive to provide the absolute best user experience across every platform.
Client Profiles

Capture and store tons of data on your clients or prospects like contact info, policy details, documents, providers, Rx, and more.

Pending Business

Track all of your pending policies from one centralized location. Edit policy information and enrollment status on the fly.


Stay on top of your prospects and leads, dictate notes, set appointments by integrating your calendar, send emails, set activities, etc.


Our renewal chain calculator lets your visualize your monthly renewal amounts over time. Also get important metrics about your business performance.


Whether your compiling of list of to do's for your business or your clients, you can easily track and update your important activities.


Get quick looks at production metrics, open leads, certification tracker, and important alerts.

Specialized Tools

We are constantly developing tools to make your life easier.
Reporting & Marketing

Search and export your database on just about any data point. Isolate important groups and act on them, either with Blitz Mode or by drafting letter templates that auto populate with client data, then print with or without pre-made address labels. You can make an endless amount of correspondence templates and send them to some or all of your database.

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Renewal visualization

Visualize your renewal chain over time. See how your pending business will affect your future income.

Aging in

Our aging in tool keeps you up to date on prospects that are nearing eligibility windows.

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Set and keep track of your important activities. You can pair them with a client so you always have a paper trail of the things you have done. Set deadlines and priorities.

And more cool stuff...


Capture your client or prospects important providers from their profile. Indicate the provider importance and assign network tags. The system will auto-compile a handy provider table that shows who is in what network.

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What makes MedicarePRO awesome for agents is we give you access to all medicare plans within an individuals service area so you will always know exactly what plan they have. Choose from MAPD, PDP, Med Sup, Ancillary, Life, and Individual Health.


A client profile wouldn't be complete until you gathered a list of your clients drugs. Our drug finder is predictive so just start typing a few letters of the drug name and we will find the rest for you. You can also tag how each formulary prices the drug.

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Store client docs

Store client applications, SOA's, or whatever and easily access them from within their profile.

Give it a try

We give you 30 days to try out MedicarePRO with unlimited access. No card info, no contracts.