Agency Management

A seamless ecosystem for agencies and downlines.

Instant Information

With one CRM ecosystem you have instant insight and access to agent production.
Agent Profiles

It's easy to onboard agents into MedicarePRO with your custom invite links. Once your downlines are in you can start managing like a pro.

Pending Production

The moment your DL writes business you'll be able to see what they sold and what you make on the policy. You define your override amounts for each agent level and company.


If you generate lead opportunities for your agents, you can create and assign those to agents right from your leads page. Then keep track of the outcome and reassign if needed.

Contracts & Overrides

We make it easy for you to store agent company contract details in the system. Once you add your override schedules MedicarePro does the override calculations for you.


Assign activities to DL's and track the progress. With a build in messaging feature, you can correspond on the details.


Get an in-depth look at your agencies production and run agent sales reports for any date range you wish.

Custom Branding

Your agency, your look

You can upload your agency logo from your platform, then edit it so it looks just right. Now all of your downlines will see your company on their CRM.

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Agent & Agency Documents

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Store Securely

Our robust document storage platform gives you a central hub for all things agency related. As an agency member you can create document directories then share them with your downlines. Or keep docs private for internal use only. Our cloud storage through Amazon AWS means your documents are encrypted and secure.

Interactive Dashboard

Quick Metrics

Your agency dashboard gives you a quick peek at important production metrics. You can also track leads outcomes and visualize your downline hierarchy.

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Agency Links

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Keep 'em connected

We really give you the tools to give your agents... the tools. Choose from our depository of company links or make your own to share with your downlines. These can be links to anything, agent trainings, your website, etc.

Give it a try

We give you 30 days to try out MedicarePRO with unlimited access. No card info, no contracts.