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Agents & agencies love MedicarePRO

Manuel Guzman
San Antonio, TX
"After months of looking for a CRM, there was not another like MedicarePro. As an independent agent it has helped me get organized with my client’s policies and contact information. Other CRM’s are just not niched to the Medicare business and they are so complicated. The support is also above and beyond. I love MedicarePRO CRM!"
Gina Geiger
Kettering, OH
"I have been using MedicarePRO CRM for roughly two years now and love it. I use the CRM to track my clients, prospects and pended/issued business. I love the functions it offers to add alerts for each client as well as that it will alert me by text message if I want it to. The functions available with this CRM are user friendly and by far way better than any other CRM I have used in the past!"
Samuel Patton
Minden, LA
"I’ve signed up for many CRM trials over the years and cancelled them before I paid any money. Medicare Pro was different. Once I started using it, I was like, “Yes, please take my money!” I couldn’t go back. I just loved using MedicarePro! There are so many thoughtful features designed into it. I could go on and on about all the unique and thoughtful touches inside the MedicarePro CRM but you owe it to yourself to check it out by signing up for your own free trial."
Amber Clay
Seminole, OK
"MedicarePro CRM is a perfect program for my agency. I love the fact that it is simple to use and can be used for my personal business and for keeping track of my agencies business. MedicarePro Support is absolutely on top of everything! Any issues I have had have been resolved very quickly. MedicarePro has even made adjustments to fine tuning exactly what I need a CRM to do for my agency. I have worked with other CRM’s and by far this company has been the best. I highly recommend MedicarePro CRM!!"
Ike English
Columbia, SC
"When I was introduced to MedicarePRO CRM, I was blown away. The CRM I was using for my Life & Health clients doesn't compare. MedicarePRO CRM has allowed me to gain more control over my day, save time, and simplify the data entry process. The dashboard layout has a clean appearance and is very informative. I enjoy being able to track all of my commissions and renewals in one place and watch them grow! MedicarePRO CRM gives me peace of mind about the information I'm saving in the CRM because it's HIPAA compliant. Last but not least, the customer service is AMAZING!!"
Fred Lewis
Star, ID
"I highly recommend MedicarePRO/CRM for any agency or agent in the Medicare Insurance business. It is an easy program to use and fast to learn so you can hit the ground running. We started with MedicarePRO/CRM right before the beginning of (AEP) Annual Enrollment Period for 2020. Using this CRM help us become more efficient and better serve our clients. The program has many features that are useful. One of my favorites is the source tracking of clients and prospects. This allows me to see where every single lead comes from and I can better focus my marketing dollars going forward. With all the program’s useful features, the best thing about MedicarePRO/CRM is the support. They were fast to respond to any and all questions or issues we came across. The system has been great, and I can see how useful it will be as our agency grows. If you are in the market for a good CRM, try the MedicarePRO/CRM trial run"
John Salois
Providence, RI
"I used a CRM provided by my MGA for years and was very happy with it. The MGA decided to change CRM venders and that change disrupted my process and some data that I had been utilizing for marketing was lost. I searched for a new solution and was ready to start from scratch with my own CRM when I found Medicare Pro. Medicare Pro offered the features and simplicity I was looking for and their support was always available to help with utilization. They even made updates based on my needs and I am always pleasantly surprised when new features are added. Medicare Pro is an essential part of my business's success"

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